Stormwater & Drainage


Identify, Minimize and Prioritize-
the Keys to Effective Stormwater

Our stormwater staff specializes in defining critical problem areas, identifying cost-effective solutions that maximize value, minimizing impacts to the community, and objectively prioritizing projects. LAN incorporates the latest technology such as 2-dimensional modeling and GIS-based tools to deliver clear, effective, and easily communicated solutions.

The LAN Stormwater Management Group also provides stormwater permitting and compliance services. We can take their customers through the stormwater permitting application process, plan development and permit implementation, and final permit closure (notice of termination) or permit reapplication process.

The strength of our Stormwater Management Group lies with our innovation, diversity, and range of experience. LAN offers the complete spectrum of stormwater services, from initial planning and feasibility studies, to experienced design engineering and construction support. We offer a range of specific experience with all phases of drainage improvement and stormwater quality.

From 2003-2012, flood insurance claims averaged nearly $4 billion per year

Hurricane Katrina (2005) is the costliest hurricane in the US, causing $108 billion in property damage

Example Projects