Lumpkin Road Detention Basin – Memorial City Redevelopment Authority TIRZ 17

Houston Texas

LAN designed improvements to an existing detention basin that was not fully utilizing its available capacity while the adjacent neighborhoods were experiencing flooding issues. Through LAN’s innovative design efforts of incorporating existing infrastructure, the basin was deepened and large boxes were installed under Lumpkin Road to gain an additional 20-acre feet of capacity that meets City of Houston drainage criteria and reduces structural flooding to the surrounding communities.

The basin has been tested by numerous storm events since its completion, and has functioned as designed to provide flood relief to the adjacent neighborhoods.

At a glance

44-acre-feet of total detention

8- by 8-foot storm boxes

$14 million construction


Combination project with roadway improvements

Neighborhood flood reduction

Extensive coordination with local jurisdictions


Stormwater management


Memorial City Redevelopment Authority TIRZ 17

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