MEP Engineering


Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

While there are many factors that contribute to making facilities resilient and reliable, we understand that none are as important as the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems working behind the scenes. Our MEP engineers specialize in designing new and replacement systems, as well as evaluating and upgrading existing systems using the latest technology and sustainable design practices for high-performance buildings.

Our teams provide holistic solutions that affect every part of a healthcare, education, public, or government facility. LAN’s goal is to design with the client in mind, incorporating features such as backup electrical generators, economizer cycles, and de-humidification systems that save our clients energy and maintenance costs for the long term. We also design data and communications networks, security solutions, and electrical distribution systems.

Additionally, our MEP team provides services both before and after catastrophic events. Specifically, our staff specializes in conducting building resiliency and accessibility studies, developing plans for emergency shelter, and designing life safety systems for critical facilities, such as emergency power, access and security, and fire protection and detection.

We provide MEP engineering and design services for the following:

  • Lighting and power systems
  • Online and offline solar power systems
  • Power system calculations and arc flash analysis
  • Instrumentation, control and SCADA systems
  • Thermal and electrical distribution
  • Normal and emergency power
  • Grounding, lightning protection and surge suppression systems
  • Data and communication networks
  • Critical/emergency/redundant systems
  • Safety, cyber and infrastructure security systems
  • Plumbing and fire protection/detection
  • HVAC systems
  • Moisture and humidity management
  • Industrial ventilation
  • Steam and chilled water systems
  • Medical gases
LAN has designed critical systems replacements in facilities requiring 24/7 operations.
LAN has performed more than 3,000 electrical analysis and arc flash studies

MEP Engineering Leadership

Jeff Thomas
Jeff Thomas, PE, CEM, CEA, CHC
Vice President, Business Group Director
Denney Howard
Denney Howard, PE, LEED Green Associate
Senior Associate, Chief Electrical Engineer
LAN Ken Gau
Kenneth L. Gau, PE, LEED AP
Associate, Mechanical Engineer
Kristie Tiller
Kristie Tiller, PE, LEED AP
Senior Associate, Team Leader

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