Our Purpose

LAN’s Purpose, Path and Principles


LAN’s Purpose, Path, and Principles were created to provide a framework for who we are as a firm and what our goals and values look like. Through these shared values, we aim to foster a culture that promotes high-quality work and innovative solutions, collaboration and inclusion among employees and accountability both to the client and to each other.

LAN Ken Gau
Do Great Work

Ken Gau, PE, LEED AP

MEP Project Engineer

“Looking back over my career, I enjoyed working with good people and doing great work the most. So to be recognized by my co-workers is very humbling and a little strange at the same time. I’m getting recognition for doing what I enjoy.”

LAN Bob Austin
Invest in Each Other

Bob Austin, PE

Vice President, Team Leader

“I am grateful to be selected as a LANnual Principal All-Star. When we invest in each other, we are actually sharpening the saw of our team for the projects we are working on and for future ones. There is a gift in giving, or in our case, investing in each other.”

LAN Laura Casset
Be A Team

Laura Casset, PE, CFM, CPESC

Associate, Regional Stormwater Manager

“I am humbled and appreciate the acknowledgement. I take pride in leading a team of such intelligent and capable individuals. I strive to provide the same type of support and kindness that my mentors and fellow colleagues have provided me.”

LAN Alberto Mercado Flores
Focus on the Client

Alberto Mercado Flores

Business Development Representative

“I’m honored to have been selected as one of the 2020 LANnual Principle All-Stars. It makes me feel good to know that so many people value my effort, and it instills the confidence in me to work with the best of my ability for the interest of the team.”

LAN Christine Kirby
Do What’s Right

Christine Kirby, PE, ENV SP

Associate, Senior Project Manager

“One of LAN’s maxims is to do what is right and success follows. The right path is not often the easy path. It requires courage and letting go of self-interest. Doing the right thing is essential in every aspect and a building block for success.