Structural Engineering


Structural Engineering

​LAN’s commitment to excellence in structural engineering is shown through continual training in the updates to various codes and industry reference standards, leveraging latest material and technological innovations in the proposed solutions, and providing our staff with the tools necessary to produce challenging designs with a high level of efficiency.

We work to provide unique solutions in the design of structures with resilience against hurricane, flood, fire, and earthquakes based on the site-specific probabilistic risk assessment. Our designs encompass present demand as well as anticipated future demands during the entire service life of the structures. We provide holistic solutions by leveraging in-house multidisciplinary expertise of our engineers. For example, we leverage GIS capabilities and data available within our land development team to develop flood control structures and identify optimal routes during storm events for enhancing operational capabilities of our clients.


Structural Engineering Experience 

    • Multi-level interchange bridge design

    • Transit park-and-ride structures

    • Long-span infrastructure bridges

    • Highway bridges

    • Light rail transit bridges

    • Water/wastewater plants

    • Sports facilities

    • Piers and wharves

    • Ferry terminals and facilities

    • Container yards

    • Blast-resistant structures

    • Tornado shelters

Since 1935, LAN has designed millions of SF of reinforced concrete and structural steel frame facilities.
LAN designs flood-resistant structures to withstand up to 190 MPH winds.

Structural Engineering Leadership

Jon Jelinek
Jon D. Jelinek, PE
Senior Associate, Structural Team Leader
Ashish Patel
Ashish Patel, PE
Associate, Senior Structural Engineer
Example Projects