High Island Shelter ISD Renovation – Texas General Land Office

Galveston County, Texas

The High Island Shelter project is a thoughtful blend of the school gymnasium and emergency shelter. The facility serves both the High Island community as a hurricane shelter and on a daily basis, the students of the High Island Independent School District. The project was conceived in response to Hurricane Ike and is administered by the General Land Office (GLO) through a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

LAN designed a facility for Galveston County, TX as part of funds provided for redevelopment due to Hurricane Ike. The facility will provide temporary shelter for local residents and a base location for first responders during tropical storm-related events. The new facility is programmed to be utilized by the High Island Independent School District as an auxiliary gymnasium facility.

As a shelter, the building will be required to have a diesel generator and store enough diesel fuel to run for an extended period of time, and comply with the wind loads (190 mph) required. As a school facility, the building was also designed to match the aesthetic of the adjacent school facilities and function seamlessly as a school facility.

At a glance

Emergency shelter and auxiliary gymnasium

190 mph wind load requirements

72-hour run time generator


Design incorporates elements of shelter and gym

Response to Hurricane Ike

HUD grant



Disaster Recovery & Mitigation

Construction Administration

Structural Engineering

MEP Engineering


Texas General Land Office (GLO)

“I have worked with LAN since 2010 on the many projects resulting from Hurricane Ike. LAN offers a great team of professionals to serve a wide variety of our project needs. LAN provides technical knowledge and expertise necessary to complete both engineering and architecture assignments as an integrated team. I have enjoyed the ability to know that whatever project needs I may encounter; LAN will be able to provide the technical response I need.”

J. Dudley Anderson, Galveston County Architect

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