Disaster Response, Recovery & Mitigation


Providing the Support You Need When Your Community Needs You
the Most

LAN understands the urgency and criticality of providing post-disaster support to public agencies and the communities they serve. Our long-standing history of service includes post-disaster support for every major storm event in Texas in the past 80 years. Today, we continue to support communities in South Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

From performing damage assessments to working with federal funding agencies such as FEMA, HUD, and the U.S. Corps of Engineers, LAN provides expertise to support and guide our clients through the entire post-disaster process. LAN provides immediate post-disaster assessments, long-term remediation design, natural hazard mitigation strategy development, program management, and planning services. Additionally, we assist our clients with identifying project funding opportunities, prioritizing projects for the pursuit of grant funding, grant application writing, and grant management and administration services.

Pre-disaster Mitigation Services

  • Hazard mitigation action planning
  • Natural hazard mitigation strategy development
  • Long-term Recovery Funding Assistance
  • Stormwater Management
  • Floodplain Management/NFIP Compliance
  • Community Rating System
  • Emergency System Design
  • Equipment Relocation
  • Flood-proofing
  • Long-term remediation design
  • FEMA mapping & studies
  • Asset management

Post Disaster Service

  • Damage assessments
  • Funding opportunities planning
  • Grant application development

40+ disaster recovery assessment & remediation projects in the past 10 years.

LAN arrived at UTMB within three days of Hurricane Ike, assessing damages to 8+ million SF of buildings.

Disaster Response, Recovery & Mitigation Leadership

Janine Ellington
Janine Ellington, CFM
CRS/Floodplain Programs Manager
Janine Ellington has extensive experience assisting communities with the Community Rating System (CRS) program. Her unique skill sets include complete implementation of the program, and working with communities in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico to initiate the CRS program, as well as maintain or improve CRS ratings. As a former ISO/CRS Specialist, Janine understands how to efficiently navigate the process of joining CRS, as well as the three to five-year reverification process through the updated 2013 CRS Coordinator's Manual. She has a full understanding of newly available credit opportunities and obtaining credits with a community's current activities. Additionally, Janine has 13 years of experience as a Floodplain Administrator for local government. As a local government official, she gained extensive knowledge in the minimum requirements of the NFIP, permitting, as well as flood recovery and grant submittals for floodplain management ...
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Laura Casset
Laura Casset, PE, CFM, CPESC
Associate, Regional Stormwater Manager
With 15 years of experience serving public clients in stormwater and floodplain management, Laura's background includes civil engineering design of flood mitigation projects, surface water hydrology/hydraulics, identifying project funding opportunities, grant application development, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) map revisions and studies, as well as site development, utility relocation, and transportation drainage projects throughout Texas. Laura is passionate about helping communities navigate and understand the many funding options available for design and construction of critical infrastructure projects. She has strong ties with state funding administrators including the TWDB and TDEM and is committed to working closely with jurisdictions to manage the complexities of state and federal funding program requirements ...
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