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LAN is a leader in providing innovative, cost-effective, and award-winning wastewater conveyance and treatment designs. Our clients’ success starts with our focus and commitment to their mission to provide safe and reliable wastewater collection and treatment services to their customers.

As a firm, LAN has analyzed and designed wastewater treatment facilities ranging from 0.1- to 320-MGD in capacity. Our comprehensive wastewater capabilities run the full gamut, including services to reduce and address Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO) and meeting USEPA Consent Decree requirements.

Our familiarity with regulations, policies, procedures, permitting requirements, and design criteria enables us to provide designs that are compliant and include necessary redundancy, efficiency, and safety features to ensure our clients’ capital investments are resilient for decades of service.


Wastewater Capabilities


• Master planning
• Route analysis
• Hydraulic modeling
• Condition Assessment
• Design & Rehabilitation
• SSO Mitigation and USEPA Consent Decree
• Facility Consolidation/Elimination
• Trenchless Design
• Capacity Analysis
• Treatment Process Modeling, Optimization and Intensification

• Treatment Process Troubleshooting Assistance
• Nutrient Removal
• Tertiary Filtration
• Chemical and UV Disinfection
• Energy Reduction
• Sludge Pumping
• Digestion
• Thickening/Dewatering
• Compost Facilities
• Risk Assessment and Resiliency Evaluations


Energy costs can account for 30 percent of the total operation and maintenance (O&M) costs of WWTPs

Due to population growth and aging wastewater infrastructure, Texas needs to invest $11.4 billion over the next 20 years to upgrade facilities

Wastewater Leadership

LAN Paul Wood
Paul Wood, PE
Lead Process Engineer
Jeremy Nakashima
Jeremy Nakashima, PE
Vice President, Water & Wastewater Practice Leader
Philip Wheat
Philip Wheat, PE
Senior Associate, Team Leader
Michael Quinnell
Michael Quinnell, PE
Senior Associate, Senior Project Manager
LAN Paul Wood
Paul Wood, PE
Lead Process Engineer
Kelly Shipley
Kelly Shipley, PE
Senior Associate, Team Leader

Example Projects