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Today’s infrastructure must be built with an eye toward the future. Shifting demographics, increasing populations, and growing economies dictate how goods and people navigate the built environment. Meeting tomorrow’s mobility challenges requires technical expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and innovative solutions. LAN delivers resilient solutions to transportation demands with a team of dedicated professionals. We understand that listening to clients and involving the community for input on issues and desired outcomes is essential. We make cost-effective, leading-edge solutions our goal in order to satisfy both clients and the community today and for the future.



Transportation Services

    • Feasibility and corridor studies

    • Highway design and construction-phase services

    • Intelligent transportation systems

    • Neighborhood traffic management

    • Pedestrian and bicycle planning and design

    • Public outreach/involvement

    • Signal timing plans

    • Toll roads and express lanes

    • Traffic analysis, 3D simulation, and design

LAN has been serving TxDOT for 70 years

LAN engineers hold TxDOT precertifications in 67 categories

Transportation Leadership

Tom Ellis
Tom Ellis, PE
Vice President, Business Group Director
Markus Neubauer
Markus Neubauer, PE
Senior Associate, Practice Leader
Travis Owens
Travis Owens, PE
Associate, Central and South Texas Transportation Leader
Alex Torres
Alex Torres, PE
Senior Project Manager
Bob Austin
Bob Austin, PE
Vice President, Transportation
Kerry Fulton
Kerry Fulton, SR/WA
Vice President, Right of Way Manager

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