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LAN performed detail design and provided PS&E for the reconstruction and widening of 3.18 miles of IH-10. The project consisted of replacing the existing 6-lane divided highway with an 8- to 10-lane divided highway with a diamond lane that merges into the HOV lanes. It also included the replacement of the two existing 2- to 3-lane frontage roads with two 3- to 4-lane frontage roads. High occupancy vehicle lanes, three diamond interchanges, and 16 bridges were also included in the scope of services.

LAN was responsible for traffic control, roadway design, drainage, retaining wall design, signing and pavement markings, existing utility plans and exhibits and design cross sections.

One of the major challenges was designing the traffic control plans to maintain the original number of mainlanes and frontage roads open at all times throughout construction. The project was so large that the traffic control plans took up more than 400 pages of the overall set, and the design cross sections required over 10,000 lines of computer code to create them.

Bridge scour analyses was performed on the Mason Creek and Tributary T101C Sub-basin bridge structures. Extensive coordination with consultants performing the design of adjacent sections and the General Engineering Consultant for the corridor was also necessary throughout project development.

At a glance

400 pages of traffic control plans

3.18 mile project

10,000 lines computer code to create design cross sections

$80 million construction cost

16 bridges

3 diamond lanes

33,426 sheets of paper in final plan submittal


6 main lanes open throughout the project

LAN provided 6 major design tasks

Intelligent Traffic Systems

Dynamic toll rates



Planning & Modeling

Transportation Services


Texas Department of Transportation (Houston)

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