Water Supply & Transmission

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Providing clean drinking water to communities is an ever-increasing need that requires specialized operational knowledge. LAN has successfully performed comprehensive studies and designed cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for many water supply and distribution projects. Our experience covers all phases of water transmission – from supply planning and analysis to treatment plant, waterline (ranging up to 108-inches in diameter), pumping station, and storage facility design. Trenchless technologies have become common considerations to minimize impacts to the public. We are experienced with trenchless method identification, tunnel shaft design, and establishing the appropriate vertical alignment to mitigate surface disruption caused by unstable soil conditions. Additionally, large diameter pipelines experience extensive wear and tear due to age and improper installation. Assessing the condition of pipelines and estimating their remaining life is critical. LAN’s “Condition Assessment Plus” is a proactive approach to assess, evaluate, and perform rehabilitation to pipelines before failures occur.

LAN has designed and managed more than 300 miles of large diameter water transmission lines in urban environments

The US uses 79.6 billion gallons per day of fresh groundwater for public supply, private supply, irrigation, livestock, manufacturing, mining, thermoelectric power, and other purposes

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