Bay Area Supply Connection and Pinconning Pump Station Improvements – Saginaw Midland Municipal Water Supply Corporation

Bay City Michigan

The SMMWSC retained LAN for design and construction engineering services involving a new supply to a large scale wholesale raw water customer. The project included water system hydraulic modeling; transient modeling for existing and proposed systems of both the Owner and the Customer; design of piping modifications at the Pinconning Pump Station; design of redundant connections, metering and flow control for supply to the new customer; and construction engineering services.

The new service connections and metering station were designated as Part 1 and improvements at the Pinconning Pump Station were defined as Part 2. Part 1 included 60- by 30-inch ductile iron tees, 30-inch ductile iron transmission mains, a cast in place below grade metering vault, flow meters, pressure relief valves, air release and air vacuum valves and cone flow control valves. Part 2 included a ‘hot tap’ connection to the existing 60-inch prestressed concrete cylinder pipe, installation of a ball control valve and vault, check valve with vault, and new 36-inch through 72-inch welded stainless steel pipe.

At a glance

1100-feet of 30-inch ductile iron pipe

Two 18-inch flow control cone valves

A 36-inch “hot tap” into a 60-inch PCC pipeline

Three below grade concrete valve structures

36-inch flow control valve and 36-inch tilting disk check valve

300 feet of 36-, 60-, and 72-inch below grade Type 304L stainless steel pipeline

Two 12-inch surge release valves


Project design was coordinated between three engineering consultants

LAN provided hydraulic analysis for transient control

Design included redundant supply features


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Saginaw Midland Municipal Water Supply Corporation

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