Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO)

Stopping Failures From Spilling Over

LAN has managed wastewater collection and treatment processes for decades, assisting through the recommendation, compliance, bid, design, construction phases and project closeout periods. Arming clients with the why of failure or distress on top of the where, our expert perspective looks to both treat and insure against system failures. This two-fold approach is invaluable in managing sanitary sewer overflows.

With comprehensive assessment of the affected ground and utilities, we engineer tailored preventative measures into our diagnostic and SSO solutions. This enables clients to reach a state of readiness above and beyond simple regulation compliance, where sanitary sewer elements can be rehabilitated or replaced before they reach their end of useful life. With LAN, save time, money and stress.

LAN’s SSO Services

    • Sanitary sewer evaluation study and condition assessment

    • System modeling

    • Route analysis

    • Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) data assessment

    • Overflow reduction and wastewater collection

    • Bypass pumping and re-routing

    • Service area delineation

    • Hydraulic conditions modeling

    • System sizing assessment

    • SCADA and lift station review

    • Operations and management response planning

    • GIS integration

    • Traffic control plans and work schedule management

    • Utility coordination

    • Public and private regulatory assistance

    • CMOM regulation compliance

    • Budget optimization

    • Odor control

Over 1,000,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer has been designed and managed by LAN for municipal clients

LAN’s sewer rehabilitation improvements for the Clear Lake City Water Authority resulted in a 16% decrease in wastewater treatment plant influent over a duration of five years.

SSO Leadership

Mathew Busby
Mathew Busby, PE
Senior Associate, Team Leader
Elaiza Alvarez
Elaiza Alvarez, PE, CFM
Senior Associate, Team Leader
Greg Henry
Greg Henry, PE
Senior Associate, Senior Project Manager
Cenk Yavas
Cenk Yavas, PE, D.WRE
Vice President, Team Leader – Water Resources
Kelly Shipley
Kelly Shipley, PE
Senior Associate, Team Leader
Melissa Mack
Melissa Mack, PE
Vice President, Principal
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