Lake Pumping Station Rehabilitation – Green Bay Water Utility

Kewaunee County Wisconsin

LAN was retained by the Green Bay Water Utility to complete design and contract administration for the replacement of split-case centrifugal pumping equipment, incoming electrical feed, motor control center, and control valves to increase pump station capacity from 37 mgd to 45 mgd. After meeting with the client, the design team recommended the use of vertical turbine pumps for the rehabilitation project due to insufficient NPSH for centrifugal pumps. By changing the design concept to variable frequency drives equipped vertical turbines, the NPSH issues have been resolved and the selected pump utilized 800-hp drivers.

This project was completed with the installation of five vertical turbine pumps in a new enclosure over the existing wet well. Three of the new pump motors were equipped with 800-hp medium-voltage variable frequency drives and two with solid state soft starts.

At a glance

Increased station capacity from 37 to 45 mgd

Use of the new electrical control motor center has saved $130,000 per year in energy cost

Project was awarded $150,000 Wisconsin Power Service Energy Savings Grant

Coordinated with four different regulatory agencies

Used stainless steel piping to reduce maintenance costs

Utilized air over oil actuator system for control valves to eliminated costly oil accumulators


Design team resolved NPSH issues

Design team resolved incoming electrical feed issues

Use of VFD’s on the pump motors increased emergency supply from 16 to 30  mgd



Structural Engineering


Green Bay Water Utility

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