66-Inch Raw Water Transmission Main – Karegnondi Water Authority

Flint, Genesee County Michigan

The Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA) acquired the services of LAN to evaluate and design a 66-inch raw-water transmission main from Bricker Road to Intermediate Pump Station. LAN was one of five design teams to help KWA design the 65 miles of raw transmission main that varied in size from 36-inch ductile iron pipe to 66-inch steel pipe. This project will include approximately 68,900 LF of pressure-class 150- and 200-psi steel pipe, as well as all necessary fittings, valves, and flushing hydrants. The estimated construction cost for the project is $36 million. The anticipated timeline for the evaluation and design of the project is to be completed within one year from the notice to proceed until notice to bid.

LAN also coordinated all site activities related to soil and survey collection both on the original and final routes within the allotted time, even though the final route was not determined feasible and easements acquired until after the completion of the 60 percent design documents for the original route.

At a glance

68,900 LF of water transmission main

Pressure class 150- and 200-psi steel pipe

$36M construction cost

Extensive agency coordination

Client realigned 30% of pipeline route due to ROW conflict but LAN was able to deliver work products by original due date

Project included roadway reconstruction and special structural designs for large culvert crossings


Pipeline routes were evaluated to minimize roadway construction

Special surveys were conducted to address numerous farm drain tile crossings

Plans included wetland mitigation


Construction Management & Inspection


Pipeline Design, Assessment & Rehab


Structural Engineering


Karegnondi Water Authority

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