Texas State Highway 130, Segment 6.2 – Texas Department of Transportation

Seguin Texas

Utilizing a Public Private Partnership agreement with Ferrovial Agroman, LAN served as Lead Design Engineer for this 14.7-mile segment, four-lane divided toll highway with 16 grade-separated crossings, eight stream crossings, and ramps to and from the non-toll lanes.

LAN was responsible for the integrated design of Segment 6.2 including roadway, drainage, structural, SW3P, traffic control plans, signing and striping, illumination, signal warrant analysis, landscaping, civil works for toll and ITS hardware, railroad coordination, and ROW needs assessment/certification, and acquisition expert testimony.

Value engineering was provided to optimize roadway alignments and minimize superstructure cost while considering the ultimate envelope. Cantilever bents were constructed to minimize costs and eliminate columns from clear zones, thus reducing barriers that would eventually become a maintenance issue.

At a glance

14.7 mile project

8 stream crossings

2 year design project

4 lane divided highway

4 months ahead of schedule

16 grade separated crossings


First privately developed highway in Texas

Integrated design: roadway, structural, drainage, traffic control, illumination

SH 130 is the largest element of the Central Texas Turnpike System



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