State Loop 20 (Cuatro Vientos) Upgrade and Lomas Del Sur Overpass – Texas Department of Transportation

Laredo Texas

LAN designed the geometric project layout and prepared the PS&E package for the State Loop 20 Overpass at Lomas Del Sur, marking a significant step toward upgrading the roadway to a future Interstate Highway. This project is part of a 7.2 mile Cuatro Vientos corridor upgrade aimed to alleviate congestion, improve safety, and facilitate many ongoing and future traffic-generating developments.

The State Loop 20 overpass involved a strategic approach to accommodate increased traffic demands within the existing right-of-way (ROW), emphasizing safety and efficiency. LAN’s design for the interim facility aimed to minimize “throw-away” construction, ensuring that the transition to the ultimate Interstate facility could be accomplished with minimal waste and cost. This staged design and construction approach not only optimized funding allocation but also addressed immediate safety and congestion concerns while preparing for future traffic increases including those anticipated from the 5th Laredo International Bridge.

Furthermore, LAN managed the accelerated development of the PS&E Package for the SL 20 / Lomas Del Sur Overpass, valued at $41 million. The LAN team delivered the PS&E on an expedited 7.5-month schedule, meeting all deadlines. This efficiency allows the district to advance the project letting from November 2024 to July 2024 should funding become available.

This project will enhance connectivity and safety, laying the groundwork for future developments in the region’s transportation network.

At a glance

Geometric project layout and PS&E

Expedited schedule

Enhances safety

Alleviates congestion

Designed to accommodate growth


Overpass improvements

Geometric project layout

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