Walnut Bend Reconstruction – Westchase District

Houston Texas

LAN designed 6,300 LF of roadway reconstruction to improve mobility and promote redevelopment in an urban environment in the Westchase District. Walnut Bend is the first major project undertaken by the Westchase District as part of their 380 long-range mobility program. The project included full roadway reconstruction, drainage improvements, wider sidewalks to promote a pedestrian friendly environment, on-road dedicated bike lanes, enhanced METRO bus stops and shelters, traffic operation improvements, signing and striping plans, and aging public utility replacement. The project was funded by FHWA and required compliance with federal, TxDOT, METRO, and City of Houston requirements.

Consistent with the City’s context sensitive design approach, the design converted the existing road to a complete street, promoting redevelopment in the area and furthering Universal Accessibility. This includes full roadway reconstruction and complete redesign, including reconfiguration of existing roadway to accommodate larger pedestrian paths, ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps and associated striping, and dedicated on-street bike facilities. Previously, lack of markings caused vehicles to back up behind METRO buses, as the two lanes in each direction were unclear. LAN implemented appropriate markings for all road users.

Other improvements included drainage, extensive behind-the-curb amenities, traffic operation improvements including signal upgrades and installation, signing and striping plans, water and sanitary sewer design and installation, and aging public utility replacement. A protected “dutch” intersection at Meadowglen included a unique bicycle signal that accommodates all types of road users, giving priority to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

At a glance

$18M construction cost

6,300 LF of roadway reconstruction

Federal funding


Universal Accessibility upgrades

ADA-compliant measures

METRO bus stop site upgrades

Drainage and behind-the-curb amenities

Wheelchair ramps and striping

On-street bike facilities

Utility upgrades


Transportation Services





Westchase District

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