Walnut Bend Reconstruction – Westchase District

Houston, Texas

LAN designed 6,300 LF of roadway reconstruction in an urban environment to improve mobility and promote redevelopment. Walnut Bend is the first major project undertaken by the Westchase District as part of their 380 long-range mobility program. The project included full roadway reconstruction, drainage improvements, wider sidewalks to promote a pedestrian friendly environment, on-road dedicated bike lanes, enhanced METRO bus stops and shelters, traffic operation improvements, signing and striping plans, and aging public utility replacement. The project was funded by FHWA and required compliance with federal, TxDOT, METRO, and City of Houston requirements.

The design included a bus route analysis to consolidate METRO bus stop locations and relocate others to the far side of intersections to enhance traffic progression. All bus stops and shelters were reviewed to ensure compliance with ADA and METRO Universal Accessibility requirements. New bus shelters that are unique to the District were added along the corridor in partnership with METRO.

LAN also performed a signal warrant analysis which resulted in upgrades to three traffic signals and installation of one new signal. A protected “dutch” intersection was designed at one key intersection which includes a unique bicycle signal that accommodates all types of road users, giving priority to pedestrian and bicycle traffic over vehicular traffic to increase safety and mobility.

Project challenges included design and installation of waterline and sanitary sewer; acquisition of 24 parcels; maintaining proper sidewalks, walkability, and access to METRO bus routes during construction; and a Traffic Control Plan designed to maintain two-way traffic during construction per City of Houston standards.

At a glance

$18M construction cost

6,300 LF

Federal funding


Urban roadway reconstruction

Mobility improvements

Context-sensitive design

Unique “dutch” intersection


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Westchase District

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