Grant Application & Hazard Mitigation Plan – Nueces County

Nueces County Texas

LAN was instrumental in the development of the Nueces County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Action Plan, (HMAP). The plan included Nueces County, Aqua Dulce, Bishop, Driscoll, Corpus Christi, Driscoll, Petronila, Port Aransas, Robstown, and The Corpus Christi Port Authority.

As required by FEMA, the County’s HMAP addressed all hazards affecting the County, such as flood, thunderstorms, wildfires, drought and hurricane winds. However, because hazard risk is dictated by climate, geographic location, and other factors, it was important that during the planning process the hazards were prioritized and mitigation strategies were tailored to address hazard risks most critical to each community. Due to a solid working relationship with all participating communities, LAN was able to ensure that the planning team came together to develop specific, cost-effective mitigation actions to form a cohesive county-wide plan in a record amount of time. According to the Texas Department of Emergency Management, no plan had ever been completed in less than 6 months, and LAN was the first to accomplish this feat.

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FEMA grant application

County-wide HMAP including nine cities


Plan tailored to address needs of each community

Completed in less than six months


Disaster Recovery


Nueces County

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