Bolivar Ferry Emergency Evaluation – Texas Department of Transportation

Galveston Texas

After Hurricane Ike damaged all three docks on the Galveston-Bolivar ferry crossing, LAN performed an emergency evaluation of the requirements to restore normal service. Primary tasks included a full damage assessment of all six slips; complete replacement of all ramp controls and hydraulic systems; addition of six new elevated platforms to raise the hydraulic equipment above future tidal surge; replacement of the movable section of the one ramp on the Bolivar side which was destroyed by the storm; removal of the damaged timber breasting dolphins and fenders and replacement with new concrete and steel fenders; repair miscellaneous damage to handrails, light fixtures, and barricade gates; and repairs to off-shore guide dolphins damaged by the storm.

LAN’s rapid response to TxDOT’s emergency request allowed construction to proceed approximately three months faster than normal acquisition strategies would have allowed.

At a glance

$6.6 million on-shore repairs

$3.5 million off-shore repairs


Emergency response to restore operations

Damage assessment

Hydraulics and controls

Breasting/fender repairs


Condition Assessment


Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Structural Engineering


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