Electrical Distribution Replacement and Upgrade – Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital

San Antonio, TX

LAN provided electrical and structural engineering services for the Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital, including analysis of existing electrical systems, design of medium-voltage electrical systems for current and future needs, and construction-phase services. The Hospital, comprised of multiple essential facilities, required operations and security to be maintained 24/7 during the entire project.

The project implementation plan included the following elements:
• Bid documents to keep the hospital operational during construction with minimal outages and shutdowns
• Replacement of an aging electrical switchgear(15 kV and 480 V) and transformers (4@ 2500 KVA each)
• New masonry vault structure to house new 35kV switchgear
• Electrical model of the facilty’s electrical distribution system using SKM Power*Tools software to determine the effects of moving from a 15KV electrical service to a 35KV electrical service
• Upgrade ventilation system for the existing transformer room
• Transition loads from existing switchgear to new switchgear
• Provide capacity for future hospital construction projects

The new electrical distribution system was designed to allow the installation of new switchgear while maintaining full operation of existing services, resulting in a customized switchover schedule of electrical loads that minimized operational disruption. Because the hospital had redundant transformers, the plan allowed current replacement for two transformers at a time then installation of the new system while the existing system remained operational. With both systems operational, the transfer of loads between systems could progress smoothly.

At a glance

32,000 SF healthcare facility


Planning through construction-phase services

Upgraded system saved operations & maintenance costs

Expedited design documents

Phased construction to maintain 24/7 operations


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Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital

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