Lebow Channel Low Water Crossings – City of Fort Worth

Fort Worth Texas

In February 2019, LAN was contracted to assess and design improvements for four critical crossings, aiming to complete the construction ahead of the anticipated heavy rains in May. Through developing a detailed critical path schedule, LAN efficiently organized daily activities and identified potential challenges, enabling rapid progression in data collection and design work. This methodical approach allowed for the timely completion of the necessary improvements by April 30, well before the deadline, effectively addressing several critical overtopping spots within a constrained timeframe.

Following this project, LAN initiated the second phase of a broader effort to reduce road overtopping and flooding in the Lebow watershed, near Meacham Airport. This phase began in 2021, after finishing the initial phase, and was supported by the Hazardous Road Overtopping Mitigation program. In compliance with USACE Section 404 Permit requirements, the focus was on enhancing native riparian habitats. The design work included creating 1,500 linear feet of natural stream channels for Segments L3 and L4, featuring sediment transport analysis, trail design, collaboration with the City Parks department, preparation of Floodplain Development Permit, and providing construction phase services and post-construction LOMR preparation.

Simultaneously, LAN worked with TxDOT on drainage improvements around the Lebow crossing, ensuring the project’s feasibility and minimizing construction disruptions. By incorporating TxDOT’s drainage outfall into the channel design, the project significantly alleviated flooding in nearby residential areas and reduced water levels on adjacent streets. The final phase of the project aims to fully prevent over-topping, further safeguarding the community against flooding.

At a glance

Low water crossings

Complex drainage challenges

TxDOT coordination

$4.9M in construction

Coordination with the City Parks department


1,500 LF of natural stream

Sediment transport analysis

Trail design

Drainage improvements

Safety encancement at four water crossings



Channel restoration


City of San Marcos

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Planning and Modeling

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