Lexington & Highlands Drainage Improvements – City of Sugar Land

Sugar Land Texas

LAN prepared a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) and developed detailed 2-dimensional model with Infoworks ICM to understand the complex drainage issues observed within the Lexington and Highlands neighborhoods in Sugar Land. The existing storm sewer system was inadequately sized which made many of the roadways impassible during lesser storm events and subject to excessively long time-to-drain durations.

Subsequent to the PER, LAN designed drainage relief improvements which included large box culverts, inlet improvements, and a flap gate to prevent backflow from Oyster Creek and reduce flooding throughout the neighborhoods.

While under construction, the project prevented structural flooding in the Highlands during Hurricane Harvey, with several residents writing letters to the City of Sugar Land expressing gratitude for the project.

At a glance

$3.1 million construction

Neighborhood drainage improvements

Prevented flooding during Hurricane Harvey


Combination drainage analysis and design

2-Dimensional modeling with InfoWorks ICM

Storm event analysis


2-Dimensional modeling

Preliminary engineering

Drainage design


City of Sugar Land

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