Exploration Green Detention Facility – Clear Lake City Water Authority

Houston, Texas

LAN is overseeing the planning and construction of Exploration Green, a project that’s converting a former golf course into five detention ponds to improve stormwater management and provide recreational benefits to the community. Once all five phases are completed in 2023, it will hold half a billion gallons of water and protect between 2,000 and 3,000 homes from flooding.

Phase 1 was completed in 2018 and consists of 15.2 acres of natural habitat with wetlands and a 23.7-acre detention pond, which required 348,650 cubic yards of excavation. The project was under construction during Hurricane Harvey and protected at least 150 homes from flood damage.

Phase 2 was completed in 2020 and features a 26.2-acre detention pond, 18 acres of natural habitat with wetlands and 1.3 miles of hike-and-bike trails.

Additional amenities associated with Exploration Green include hike, bike and pedestrian commuter trails, athletic fields, lakes, water features and abundant natural habitat. Native plants and trees enhance landscaping and wetlands, and they also support migratory and resident wild birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

Above Photo Credits – Lecon, Inc & Jerry Hamby

At a glance

3,000 homes protected from flooding

0.5 billion gallons of water storage

178-acre former golf course

Awarded 2020 Engineering Excellence Gold Medal by the Texas Council of Engineering Companies


Hike, bike & pedestrian trails

Athletic fields

Native plants & trees


Land & Site Development


Stormwater & Drainage


Clear Lake City Water Authority

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