Barryknoll Lane Drainage Improvements – TIRZ 17, Memorial City Redevelopment Authority

Houston Texas

LAN designed dual, 8- by 6-foot reinforced concrete boxes along 2,700 LF of Barryknoll Lane to prevent hundreds of homes from flooding during storm events. The construction of two large boxes in an urban collector with limited rights-of-way posed significant challenges. Key project considerations included phasing the box construction while maintaining utility connections and traffic flow on a high volume roadway.

Traffic control and construction phasing were the driving forces dictating much of the design and construction process. Project phasing and storm sewer box alignment were designed to accommodate lane closures and traffic flow. Two-way traffic was maintained for the majority of the project corridor, which is the divide between a high volume commercial (mall) area and a residential community with individual homes fronting the project.

LAN worked closely with neighborhood representatives, individual home owners, and commercial representatives to minimize the impact of the project. An example of this coordination effort is the implementation of a construction phasing plan that limited construction activities to non-holiday periods (Thanksgiving through Christmas) for the portion of the project immediately adjacent to and serving the Memorial City Mall.

To maintain service and overcome direct conflicts between the gravity sanitary and the proposed storm sewer, LAN designed parallel utilities on each side of the roadway and the large storm boxes. Bypass pumping was used extensively to maintain service to the many connections.

At a glance

Dual 8′ x 6′ reinforced concrete box

2,700 LF of roadway improvements

$5.8 million construction

5.8 acre-feet of additional detention storage

2,576 LF storm sewer length


Maintained two-way traffic during construction

Bypass pumping was used to maintain sanitary sewer service

Sidewalk improvements were done to meet current ADA requirements and improved pedestrian access from adjacent neighborhoods to the Memorial City Mall

Backflow flap gates were implemented to minimize backflow (reverse flow) from the perched watershed of W151 east to Bunker Hill Blvd and neighboring watersheds during extreme rainfall events

Roadway grades were improved to reduce street ponding during storm events




Stormwater Management

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Memorial City Redevelopment Authority, TIRZ 17

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