Goose Creek CISD Bond Program Projects Ramp Up Despite COVID 19 (Source: Civil + Structural Engineer)

Jun 9, 2020

By C+S Engineer Staff

Despite COVID 19, several projects in the Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District’s (CISD) $335 million bond program are progressing rapidly.

Goose Creek CISD is considered one of the fastest-growing districts in Texas. Driven by massive growth in southeast Houston, this property-wealthy district is projecting more than 2,250 new students over the next decade. To accommodate this rapid growth, in June 2019, voters approved the passing of a new bond measure. The bond package provides funds for several projects, including new construction, aging school repairs, athletic improvements, safety and security improvements, and technology upgrades.

“The district has been working hard to deliver exceptional facilities that will prepare students for their future,” said JP Grom, vice president of Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN), which is serving as the program manager. “COVID 19 hasn’t stopped the district’s efforts. In fact, the district has accelerated some of the projects in this bond program.”

“In the face of so many challenges from COVID-19, I’m thrilled to see our bond construction programs moving forward without delay,” said Goose Creek CISD superintendent Randal O’Brien. “We are encouraged that the team of professionals at LAN have been able to accelerate the project delivery. We look forward to the opening of our new projects.”