What to Inspect When you are Inspecting (Source: Trenchless Technology)

Jun 2, 2020

By Justin Reeves

As engineers, we often focus on the design stage of a project’s life cycle. In many ways, this is a good thing. After all, we need to get the design correct. However, the most critical stage of a project is really construction, where our designs get implemented in the field. A failure to implement those designs correctly can lead to significant challenges down the road. The question is how can we, as design engineers, ensure proper focus is given to the construction inspection stage. When thinking about construction inspection:

• There are tasks that, when initiated early, can ease the burden later in the project life cycle;
• It is beneficial for the inspection team to know why design decisions were made so that they are better prepared to identify potential problems; and
• There are many times when how activities are completed in the field is as important, if not more so, that what activities are completed.

This article is not an all-inclusive guide to pipeline inspection. It is instead a brief overview, highlighting a few places to focus our attention in the design and construction of pipelines as it pertains to inspection activity. My intent is to highlight the importance of inspection in the overall infrastructure design and construction process that results in better project delivery for our customers.