N. Main Avenue & Soledad Street Improvements – City of San Antonio

San Antonio Texas

LAN designed the total reconstruction of 3,434 LF of N. Main Avenue and Soledad Street—two paralleling, multi-modal arterials identified by the City of San Antonio as critical to downtown economic growth and urban living. Recognizing an opportunity to further the City’s long-term goals, LAN’s design meets the rehabilitation requirements of the 2017 general obligation bond initiative while leveraging funding to improve roadway usage and activate the street edge.

The project reconstructs the aged roadway, adding dedicated bike lanes, widened sidewalks, on-street parking, access ramps, updated signals and controllers, and numerous beautification and landscaping amenities. Utility rehabilitation and relocation encompasses utilities with a history of breaks—some dating back to the turn of the last century. LAN coordinated the design of 2,165 LF of 6-, 8-, and 12-inch AC and CI waterline; 190 LF of 16-inch AC water main; and 435 LF of 8-inch VCP/CP/NRC sewer main via open cut and CIPP construction. The team also determined 1,354 LF of existing 27-inch brick main to be a good candidate for CIPP rehabilitation, which was incorporated into the project.

LAN coordinated extensively with the City of San Antonio, downtown stakeholders, and utility companies, preemptively mitigating conflicts that had potential to delay construction. The team also conducted stakeholder and public meetings, assuring accommodation of features of cultural significance into the design, such as preservation of historic building basements and rail line under the pavement. Additional components included right-of-way, surveying and complete site distance study, pavement and lighting design, storm drainage design, and bidding and construction phase services.

At a glance

3,434 LF of critical roadway reconstruction

3,973 LF of water and sewer main rehabilitation and relocation

Approximately $8M construction cost

Construction expected to run from March 2022 through January 2024


Multi-modal street and roadway improvements

Addition of on-street parking, bike lanes, and widened pavement

Utilities dating back to the turn of the last century

Preservation of historical and cultural structures and utilities

Beautification measures and pedestrian amenities



Bid and Construction Phase services

Public Outreach


City of San Antonio

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