Justin Reeves, P.E., Appointed Chair of AWWA Standards Committee

Jun 27, 2017

The American Water Works Association (AWWA), the largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water, has appointed Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN) engineer Justin Reeves, P.E., as chair and a voting member to the standards committee on Fiberglass Weirs, Troughs and Baffles.

As chair of this committee, Reeves will head an elite panel of experts responsible for providing technical expertise in the development of standards for the water, wastewater and reclaimed water utility industry. Reeves will work to maintain water and wastewater consensus standards and manuals within his area of expertise. Each of the 70 highly-specialized committees reviews standards at least every five years. These standards have been used voluntarily for over a century and are relied upon by water professionals around the world.

Reeves is one of LAN’s top water and wastewater experts. In 2003, Reeves joined LAN’s water conveyance group and started working on the City of Houston’s Surface Water Transmission Program (SWTP), a massive multi-year, multi-billion dollar endeavor by the City to reduce the effects of subsidence by converting from ground water to surface water.

Over the years, Reeves has supported the planning, design, construction and management of various infrastructure projects throughout Texas. He has served in technical and management roles for water/wastewater treatment planning projects, water/wastewater pipeline modeling, planning, design, construction and management, as well as the rehabilitation and design of drainage systems.

In addition to the SWTP program, some of his other noteworthy projects include the City of Rosenberg Wastewater Treatment Plant and the West Harris County Regional Water Authority Surface Water Program. Most recently, he led the design of a section of the Integrated Pipeline Project, a raw water infrastructure program that will serve Dallas-Fort Worth’s water needs beyond 2030. Overall, Reeves has supported more than 100 miles of water and wastewater pipeline design ranging from 6-108 inches in diameter. He has also successfully led condition assessment and rehabilitation efforts for various sanitary sewer systems ranging from 8 to 84-inches in diameter.