Digital twin being developed for Houston water system (Source: Civil Engineering Magazine)

Mar 15, 2022

By Catherine A. Cardno, Ph.D.

A comprehensive digital twin computer model is being developed for Houston Public Works, the agency responsible for delivering drinking water to more than 5 million people in the city’s metropolitan area. The agency oversees a complex system that encompasses 671 sq mi, providing more than 600 mgd of drinking water via three surface water treatment plants, seven repump stations, 39 groundwater plants, and about 7,500 mi of piping.

The digital twin will accurately represent the city’s entire water distribution and transmission system, including all piping, valves, facilities, storage tanks, and wells, according to Melissa Mack, P.E., PMP, M.ASCE, a vice president and principal at Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam’s Houston office. Mack is LAN’s project manager for the endeavor.


LAN Houston Public Works digital twin