Benchmarking the Budget (Source: Facilities Management Journal)

Apr 2, 2018

By Kyle LeBlanc

It’s that time of the year again. Time to submit the annual budget request for facilities to the finance director. This is a struggle every year because it’s a shot in the dark. Often, facility managers default to what they asked for the year before with maybe a little bump up “to cover inflation”. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether the initial request is approved or denied. From there, they hold on tight for the rest of the year and hope they don’t have more needs to address than allocated in the budget.

There is a better way. And that is to do a comprehensive facility condition assessment to truly identify the needs of your facilities and its management. Several key factors come into play when considering the right approach to the facility condition assessment and how it will provide the most benefit to the enterprise long-term. These key factors include:

• Identifying the facilities assessment professional with the right experience.
• Choosing the right software tool for the job.
• Establishing a methodical facility condition assessment process that shows: