The Truth About LAN’s Involvement With The Flint Water Tragedy

Aug 11, 2022

Update on the Flint Water Civil Court Case

​The lack of a verdict in the Flint Water civil court case makes it obvious that the plaintiffs were unable, after almost six months of trying, to meet their burden of proof. The fact that the plaintiffs could not make their case to this jury underscores what the state’s own investigation found: there was an epic failure of government.

From the start, we thought this case had no legal merit. Ask the City of Flint, they will tell you we had a limited scope of work. We were never assigned to operate the Flint water plant, we were never assigned to connect the water plant to the Flint River, and we were never assigned to test water quality.

We were only asked to design a replacement of an existing power substation and the replacement of one existing pump, piping and concrete pads for that pump, and minor mechanical equipment that had nothing to do with the treatment operation of the plant, or water quality.

Given our limited scope of work, we had no way of knowing what steps were or were not taken by the state’s expert engineers, scientists and city staff. They alone were on the front line making all the decisions for the water supply transition, treatment, and monitoring.

Our hope is that residents will eventually know all the truths about what their local, state, and federal governments did in this case and why. No one wins until that is resolved. We hope that day is soon. We thank the jury for their commitment and their service.