The Truth About LAN’s Involvement With The Flint Water Tragedy

Sep 10, 2020

We welcome the news that the State has finally accepted responsibility for causing the Flint Water Crisis. LAN had no responsibility for providing water treatment and plant operation services for the City of Flint at the time the State and the City made the change to the Flint River.

LAN is a small engineering firm that employs approximately 300 staff, some of whom reside in the state of Michigan. While the burden of the baseless claims has certainly impacted LAN, LAN will continue to defend itself and its employees. We look forward to our day in court so that all of the facts surrounding LAN’s lack of involvement in this tragedy will be made clear.

The water tragedy in Flint, Michigan, has been the subject of extensive media coverage, both locally and nationally. Unfortunately, as with any incident of high public interest, the race to provide immediate coverage can lead to inaccurate or incomplete reporting. LAN offers this resource as a place to learn the truth about its involvement with the transfer of water from the Detroit source to the Flint River.