Smart Drainage Planning: How Galveston Prepares for Future Floods (Source: Texas Town & City)

May 3, 2023

By Brandon Cook; Jeremy Brittain, EIT; Andrea Pettaway, EIT; and Luke Villanueva, EIT

Today, coastal communities are dealing with new environmental challenges, and they are looking for answers. Rising sea levels, intensifying storms, and frequent flooding mean cities need resilient solutions to plan and prepare for future events.

City officials, like those on Galveston Island, are in full review mode and asking questions like “Do we have the best plans in place to deal with varying degrees of flooding caused by local rainfall,” “Are we employing the best techniques to keep our residents safe,” and “Do we have the best plans and technology in place to mitigate severe flooding conditions from heavy rains?” Many cities are now focusing on stormwater and runoff and what to do about that issue.