Repairing Critical Leaks After Freezing Weather in Houston (Source: Trenchless Technology)

Aug 14, 2018

Author: Benjamin McCray

Shortly after the freezing weather in Houston in early 2018, leaks were identified on 54-, 60-, and 66-in. steel transmission lines. As these lines served thousands of customers, the City of Houston tasked Lockwood, Andrews and Newnam Inc. (LAN), a planning, engineering and program management firm, to identify and fix these leaks through an existing On-Call Large Diameter Water Line Rehabilitation Contract (On-Call).

After a catastrophic failure in 2002, the first On-Call contract was established and bid in 2003 to allow the City to have a pre-existing low-bid contract in place to address emergency situations and other miscellaneous tasks. Through On-Call contracts, more than 270 requests from the City Drinking Water Operations (DWO) have been addressed.