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LAN has provided structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services for the UT Southwestern Medical Center for over a decade. Projects have included improvements and upgrades to the medical gas alarm and medical vacuum systems at the Zale Lipshy University Hospital. The hospital is one of two UT Southwestern University Hospitals and one of the world’s premier neurological diagnostic and treatment centers.

Medical Gas Alarm Panel Replacement
The project replaced an existing medical gas alarm panel at the hospital. The original system was installed in the 1960’s and monitored medical vacuum, medical air, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, and nitrous oxide serving the operating rooms, intensive care units, and additional patient units.

Medical Vacuum Pump Addition
LAN also designed a new triplex vacuum system to serve the existing medical vacuum distribution piping. The upgrade included the addition of a new triplex vacuum pump to serve as the primary vacuum pump for the entire building. The new pump was installed in parallel to the existing pump as an emergency back-up. The new medical gas monitoring system was configured to maintain both pumps.

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148-bed acute care hospital

Analysis and design of medical system upgrades

Medical gas alarm replacement

Medical vacuum system upgrade


Medical gas alarm panel serving operating rooms, intensive care units, and patient rooms

Triplex vacuum pump serving as primary vacuum pump for entire building


Electrical engineering

Mechanical engineering


University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

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