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As On-Call Engineer, LAN assists with implementing various projects identified in the Westchase District’s long-range infrastructure 380 program, including roads, sidewalks, parks, trails, and drainage improvements to ensure economic longevity. The following projects are part of the District’s goal of promoting walkability, safety, and universal acess:

Elmside Pedestrian Enhancements
LAN designed this sidewalk widening project on the east side of Elmside to provide pedestrians a north-south connection to Westheimer Road, a major commercial corridor. The 8-foot wide sidewalks provide universal accessibility to Westheimer for the numerous apartment community residents along Elmside. The project included a new pedestrian-actuated signal for safe pedestrian crossing and an upgraded traffic signal.

Westheimer Pedestrian Improvements
LAN reviewed plans by consulting engineers and coordinated with METRO for pedestrian enhancements along 3.5 miles of Westheimer Road. The project includes sidewalk improvements, pedestrian lighting, and traffic signal upgrades. METRO bus stops were relocated to maintain traffic progression along Westheimer, and shelters were upgraded in partnership with METRO to provide a unique aesthetic to the area. LAN performed easement acquisition and coordinated extensively with businesses along Westheimer to maintain access during driveway reconstruction.

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