West Alabama Road Reconstruction – Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority

Houston Texas

LAN is supervising the reconstruction of West Alabama, covering about 3,600 feet from Kirby to Buffalo Speedway, in line with UKRA’s vision. The project includes a roadway redesign with a 44-foot-wide concrete pavement adhering to the current City of Houston standards, providing lanes in both directions and a turn lane. In addition to road improvements, LAN is coordinating drainage upgrades, utility modifications, and adding pedestrian and bicycle features.

LAN’s design encompassed a complete reconstruction of the roadway, aimed at reconfiguring the existing layout to create a new road. This reconstruction includes improved drainage systems and the incorporation of 6-foot-wide sidewalks, or a shared-use path (SUP) situated behind the curb. The focal point of the project involved meticulously devising a construction phasing strategy and a comprehensive traffic control plan. The objective was to ensure the continuous flow of two-way traffic and to maintain unobstructed access to neighboring properties.

Following a comprehensive drainage analysis, LAN identified the necessity to upgrade the current drainage system, including inlets, leads, and trunks, to meet the City of Houston’s standards. Simultaneously, city utility replacements were overseen in line with the UKRA-City of Houston agreement. The project also encompasses widened sidewalks for pedestrians and a forthcoming bike lane connection at the western project boundary.

At a glance

Complete roadway reconstruction

Drainage improvements

Bicycle and pedestrian connectivity


Optimization of traffic operations

ROW and easement acquitistion

Urban design






Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority

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