Water Model and Master Plan – City of Conroe

Conroe Texas

LAN performed hydraulic modeling related to the City of Conroe’s (City) water transmission and distribution system and developed the City’s current Water master plan. To help the City plan for future population growth, LAN developed an “all-pipes” water model in WaterGems V8i based on the City’s existing hydraulic model. The existing system included pipes up to 24-inch diameter, more than 40,000 equivalent single-family connections, an existing peak demand of 14.5-MGD, 10 water plants, six pressure planes, five elevated storage tanks, and 11 ground storage tanks.

The model development included confirmation of pipe sizes and locations and included all available information from city records, recent construction, valve locations, tank levels, and system controls. The model was calibrated based on field measurements to confirm the model accurately predicted the water system conditions. Flow demands were adjusted to reflect the allocated capacities for the system along with known and proposed line improvements and expected growth and development patterns. Twenty-four hour extended period simulations for the respective demand conditions were modeled for average and peak day scenarios as needed.

The Water Master Plan also included development of tools to prioritize and budget the City’s Capital Improvements Plans. LAN trained City staff to internally perform a majority of on-call modeling with as-needed support from LAN on larger efforts.

At a glance

40,000 equivalent single-family connections

14.5-MGD existing peak demand

10 water plants

6 pressure planes

5 elevated storage tanks

11 ground storage tanks


“All pipes” water model

Model calibration

Capital improvement planning

Staff training


Hydraulic modeling

Master planning


City of Conroe

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