Wastewater Treatment Lagoons – City of Perry

Shiawassee County Michigan

LAN was retained by the City of Perry to design improvements for the rehabilitation of wastewater treatment lagoons 1 and 2, each with an approximate area of 13 acres, at the City of Perry Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project was funded through a grant and low interest loan from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) State Revolving Fund. Improvements included pond sludge removal and disposal; required excavation and backfill; installation of a new lagoon composite liner system consisting of geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), PVC geomembrane liner, and protective clay earth cover; riprap bank erosion protection; piping improvements; and site restoration.

At a glance

Lined two 13-acre wastewater treatment lagoons

$2.78 million dollar project completed under budget

Lined two out of three lagoons in one construction season without service disruption

Addition of valved outfall control with solar powered mag meter

Optional rip-rap berm protection section was bid and implemented under budget

Sludge removed from lagoons was land applied at local farms


Coordination with regulatory agencies

Project completed in conformance with State Revolving Fund requirements

Severe leakage through separation berm was discovered and eliminated



Wastewater Treatment


City of Perry

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