University Boulevard Final Design – City of Sugar Land

Sugar Land, Texas

The City of Sugar Land selected LAN to perform the final design on the extension of University Boulevard from U.S. Highway 90A North over the Union Pacific (UPRR) Railroad tracks and Oyster Creek to Stadium Drive, alongside Constellation Field. This four-lane, divided north-south connector included a grade-separated overpass of the UPRR Spur and Oyster Creek. The project also included a shared bike path and an adjacent sidewalk. The City of Sugar Land authorized the design contract for $1.2 million with Lockwood, Andrews and Newman Inc. for this extension after LAN recently completed the planning phase of the project.

LAN coordinated with NALCO Chemical during the redevelopment of the adjacent property to assure that drainage and access were compatible with their plans. UPRR coordination included a new at-grade crossing of the UPRR’s transcontinental line at the south end of the project near US 90A. LAN redesigned the westbound US 90A lanes to accommodate the profile of the new roadway at this UPRR crossing with TxDOT review and approval. LAN redesigned the access point to parking areas around Constellation Field to accommodate game day traffic and access to the Oyster Creek mixed-use path. The final design included the development of three separate bid packages with one package dedicated to the rail spur relocation and another package for the spur grade separation. Bridge aesthetics match the theme of the other entry points to Constellation Field.

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