Trinity River Water Distribution System Condition Assessment – Coastal Water Authority

Houston Texas

LAN performed a condition assessment of 14,800 LF of 96- and 108-inch Prestressed PCCP raw waterline. Based on the results of the condition assessment prioritization, LAN performed detailed design of an interconnection package to ensure uninterrupted water flow to CWA customers during the planned shut-down assessment. A hydraulic model of the distribution system was developed to facilitate the shut down and fill operations as well as valve sequencing. An electromagnetic survey of the PCCP waterline was conducted as well as manned-entry visual inspection and PipeDiver un-manned inspection.

A condition assessment report was prepared with findings and recommendations. The immediate action plan included repairing a leaking joint and a damaged concrete core with a 96-inch WEKO-SEAL repair recommended for the joint leak. The WEKO-SEAL was selected due to fast installation that lends itself to immediate or emergency repairs, as well as easy access through manholes and minimum surface disturbance. Recommended preventative measures include brushing corrosion off the damaged concrete core to prevent further corrosion and reduce the risk of a future leak through the thin steel cylinder.

At a glance

14,800 LF of condition assessment

96- and 108-inch pipe diameter

Prestressed PCCP raw waterline


Hydraulic modeling

Shutdown planning


Condition assessment

Pipeline design

Hydraulic modeling


Coastal Water Authority

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