Transit Center Complex – Fort Bend County

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The LAN team provided advanced planning, preliminary engineering, environmental assessment, and final design for a bus operations, maintenance, and administrative complex for Fort Bend County. The facility will serve as a one-stop shop for Fort Bend County’s transportation department, including its administrative, operations, maintenance, fuel depot and bus washing functions. It includes 18,600 square feet of office space, nearly 29,000 square feet of maintenance bays, covered bus parking, a 7,100-square-foot fuel and washing station, a break area, relaxation lounge and kitchen spaces. The terminal was designed to accommodate a fleet of 100 buses with room to grow. Amenities also include a shelter-in-place protective area to provide shelter to bus operators in the event of a natural disaster. The fueling facility is designed to accommodate conventional fuels as well as the future incorporation of alternative fuels.

Considering the anticipated growth in population and system ridership over the upcoming years, the initial facility is designed for future expansions that will accommodate a 100% increase to bus staging capacity. Incorporation of expansion considerations provides a cost saving for future efforts due to the elimination of costly rework.

At a glance

Maintenance facility programming and design

Fueling station design including fuel monitoring and leak detection systems

Bus wash equipment and connection

Operations facility programming and planning


Evaluation of 19 sites

100% increase to bus staging capacity

Consolidation of operations

Future growth planning



Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Structural Engineering


Fort Bend County

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