Steve Radack Community Center – Harris County

Houston Texas

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, LAN has been providing services to support the revitalization of the local community, including damage assessment and design services for municipal facilities. The Bear Creek Community Center, which served residents of Harris County, experienced severe flooding during the storm. After performing a damage assessment of the 8,000 SF facility, LAN developed schematic design proposals to salvage the existing building structures and re-purpose the facility into a park pavilion with amenities.

LAN is currently providing full design services for the new 24,500 SF Steve Radak Community Center to replace the damaged Bear Creek facility at a new site on higher ground. LAN performed site evaluations and master planning for multiple sites to determine the best location for the new facility. Much of LAN’s design focused on the building’s aesthetic in order to achieve a prototype to be used for Harris County community centers in the future.

At a glance

Damage assessment & re-purposing of facility

Design of new community center

Site evaluations and master planning for multiple sites

Full-service design


24,500 SF pre-engineered metal building structure

Moment framed entry lobby

Concrete filled steel deck mechanical mezzanine

Insulated metal wall panels on rear facade

Masonry, stucco, and glass on front facade


Disaster Response & Recovery

Full-service Design

Site Selection

Master Planning


MEP Engineering

Structural Engineering


Harris County

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