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With only six months to meet a legislative budgeting deadline, TxDOT turned to LAN to perform a condition assessment of more than 3,480 structures in the 254 counties in across the state. The assessment provided TxDOT with an objective means to evaluate, rank, and budget the replacement of its aging buildings and site infrastructure. LAN performed the complete assessment in less than six months, which was almost half the time normally budgeted.

LAN formed and dispatched five, three, person teams to visit each site to assess architectural, MEP and site infrastructure elements. Assessment teams collected the facility condition assessment data electronically and coordinated with TxDOT to access secure, occupied, and challenging areas of access. LAN used customized, state-of-the-art facility software, which allowed TxDOT to easily rank and prioritize facility renovations/ replacements, ultimately addressing $253,000,000 in deferred maintenance.


At a glance

9.6 million SF facilities assessed

3,480 structures

254 counties


Project completed in less than 6 months

Customized schedule

Electronic assessment data


Condition Assessment


Texas Department of Transportation

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