Sheldon ISD Hurricane Harvey Damage Assessment

Houston Texas

Sheldon ISD is one of the many school Districts across the Houston area that was affected by the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Sheldon ISD was in need of immediate assistance.

Located in a low-lying area northeast of the greater Houston metroplex, the first floor of the District’s High School and Junior High were completely flooded. Several other district campuses sustained damage, including an Elementary and Middle School, with water levels rose up to 18” in two of the schools. Additionally, there was a great need to be immediately proactive to prevent further degrading of multiple facilities severely affected. LAN was on site the day water receded and responded to Sheldon ISD’s needs for assessment of damages with immediate attention. LAN deployed a team of volunteer architect and engineering firms to assess the damage caused by flood waters. The associated effort of the team included an assessment of conditions and cost estimates for remediation. LAN then led the procurement of numerous consultants and managed hundreds of hours of recovery efforts by consultant firms and volunteers.

The District was able to use the damage assessment and cost estimate information in their response to FEMA. The result of LAN’s quick response was putting the District in a position well ahead in their schedule for recovery and getting students back in school.

At a glance

Emergency damage assessment & remediation

$25 million in damage

15” standing water in classrooms, hallways, auditorium, and stadium


1.5M + SF damage assessment

Damage assessment & remediation for four campuses


Disaster Response & Recovery


Sheldon Independent School District

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