Sheldon ISD – Bond Program Management

Houston Texas

LAN served as Program Manager for Sheldon ISD’s 2016 $285 million bond and is currently managing their 2022 $247.7 million bond. The 2016 bond program was critical to accommodating the District’s fast growth and is the largest in the District’s history.

LAN is providing comprehensive Program Management services, including the development and management of the bond program’s schedule and budget, creating measurable milestones, cash-flow requirements, assisting in land development, in the selection, recommendation, and management of professional and construction services; in providing utility availability options, and in ensuring that the bond program is within the budget and on time. Additionally, LAN is performing design review for multiple projects as part of the bond program and is providing community outreach/ community relations services, including the development and maintenance of the District’s Bond Program website.

The 2016 Bond included a new high school, elementary school, and athletic complex on new 185-acre campus, and renovations to re-purpose the existing high school and middle school. Additionally, the bond accomplished the retirement of millions of dollars’ worth of deferred maintenance across multiple campuses and security upgrades to many locations. The high school used fast-track techniques to accelerate the schedule.

The 2022 bond includes a new ninth and tenth-grade campus, expansions to an existing middle school, addition to an early childhood academy, relocation & renovation of an existing early learning center, technology updates, facility sustainment projects, new school buses, and safety and security enhancements throughout the district.

As bond program manager, LAN oversees all projects within the bond from planning to completion.

At a glance

$285 million bond program (2016)

$247.7 million bond program (2022)

$38.8 million athletic facility upgrades

New high school campus

New 9th and 10th grade campuses

New elementary school campus

New athletic complex

21st-century learning

Early childhood academy addition

Early learning center renovation

Middle school expansion

Career Technology Education (CTE)


Pre-bond services

Management of design through construction

Bond programming

District-wide energy management, safety & security, and technology upgrades

Fast-track scheduling


K-12 Bond Program Management


Sheldon Independent School District

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