Saginaw Midland Municipal Water Supply Corp – Whitestone Pump Station

Bay City Michigan

LAN performed a feasibility study to investigate the operational cost savings for select pumps at variable speeds at the 285-MGD Whitestone Point Pumping Station. The project ultimately included design and construction management services for two 1200-HP VFD units, medium voltage, secondary transformers, and new 5KV switchgear resulting in $122,000 annual power savings.

Additional projects at the pump station include a study to convert the station from 2400 volts to 4160 volts, which included an evaluation of equipment requiring replacement or upgrading, along with necessary phasing and costs for the future 4160V service over a five-year capital improvement plan. Study recommendations include installing a high-resistant grounding system for the existing 2500 KW standby generator and modifying the existing medium voltage transfer switch to convert the current open transition to closed transition to maintain pumps during monthly generator testing under load. This conversion is currently being included in the future CIP.

LAN also prepared contract documents for removing, rehabilitating, and re-installing a 65-MGD vertical turbine pump with a 2500 HP motor. This also included start-up and evaluation of pump efficiency after return to service.

At a glance

285-MGD pump station

65-MGD pump rehabilitation

15,750 Horsepower


Identified power savings of approximately $114,000 per year

Coordinated system design with SCADA integrator

Developed installation sequence plan to minimize downtime



Hydraulics and Transient Modeling

Construction Management

MEP Engineering


Saginaw Midland Municipal Water Supply Corp

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