Rockdale ISD – Bond Program Management

Rockdale Texas

Serving as program manager for the Rockdale ISD bond program, LAN was directly involved with all phases of design and construction activities for four initial enabling projects, including bidding and contractor selection. Prior to the bond, LAN assisted the district with bridging short term needs by installing an elementary school modular building, elementary and high school upgrades, demolition of the Pre-K building, and asbestos abatement of the elementary and high schools.

In addition, LAN assisted Rockdale ISD in community meetings that resulted in facility improvement recommendations, which led to a successful Bond Program. LAN was heavily involved in all pre-bond planning for the $31 million bond initiative, which included a new 78,000 SF high school addition with an additional 18,000 SF of renovations, new 73,600 SF intermediate school, a 9,500 SF addition and renovations at the junior high, as well as renovations to the elementary school’s kitchen and cafeteria. The program included complete facilities assessments, studies of demographic projections and grade groupings, master planning, site analysis and selection, space programming, architect selection, and bond planning.

Working with the District to promote the bond, LAN developed construction cost scenarios, construction criteria, schedules, and site plan information. A high-impact marketing package presented to the community consisted of project background combined with tax impact narratives to develop aided in obtaining community buy-in and the bond passing.

At a glance

$31 million bond program

Managed cash flow to yield approximately $2 million in earnings

Over 200% of LAN fee returned in savings & added value

Coordinated all utility services through multiple agencies


Coordinated portable building relocate

Engineered water well for irrigation of rural site

Managed move coordination

Managed furniture procurement

Coordinated easement dedication


K-12 Bond Program Management


Rockdale Independent School District

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