Repairs & Replacements – MD Anderson Cancer Center

Houston Texas

LAN is providing design and construction administration of infrastructure enhancements at MD Anderson Cancer Center as part of an IDIQ agreement. The projects include removing and replacing obsolete fire/smoke dampers and control systems within the main building’s air distribution system and HVAC system modifications to an IT room.

Smoke Damper Repair
During recent renovations at the main building, MD Anderson Environmental Health & Safety determined several existing fire/smoke dampers in the air distribution system of a large built-up air handling unit, AHU-1CC2, were obsolete and could be removed from service. LAN created construction documents to remove these fire/smoke dampers, several other non-functioning zone dampers, and obsolete control systems associated with this air distribution system. LAN performed field observations with MD Anderson personnel to document as-built locations and further define the removal/replacement scope. LAN developed 3D conceptual models to present during progress meetings to clarify damper locations and associated construction logistic issues. During design development review meetings, MD Anderson added design scope for LAN to remove and replace the main smoke/isolation dampers in the supply, return, and outside air branches of AHU-1CC2. LAN provided drawings and specifications, and the project is currently under construction.

HVAC Investigation and Modification
MD Anderson determined that an IT Room was experiencing higher-than-acceptable temperatures. LAN validated that the existing HVAC system can be modified to provide sufficient cooling into the space and created construction documents to replace/upsize the Variable Air Volume (VAV) box that serves the IT room. LAN performed field observations with MD Anderson personnel to document existing conditions, further define the replacement scope, and provide drawings and specifications.

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