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Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) selected Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN) to support program management of the extension of platforms at 28 light rail stations.

The CMGC rail extension project modified platforms along the Red and Blue light rail transit lines to accommodate three-car trains. Modifications included extending four aerial stations, 22 at-grade stations, and two below-grade stations as well as adding raised platform areas to permit level boarding. The added capacity will help open some rush-hour trips that are extremely full. This makes those trips available to more people and give them a better experience.

The Red and Blue lines were limited to two-car trains due to platform lengths at 28 of the existing stations. By expanding the platforms at these stations, three-car trains can be operated system-wide, significantly increasing capacity throughout the rail system. Constructed while the system remained fully operational, the project increased total system capacity by an estimated 33%. Tim Schmidt served as LAN’s technical advisor for the CMGC process.

During the initial design of the rail system, DART proactively planned to trigger station platform extensions once the need was warranted by ridership. The project eased congestion during peak hours, reduce commuting times, and provide a more comfortable ride for passengers.

LAN worked with DART to deliver the project in a timely and coordinated manner that enhances the rider experience.

At a glance

28 Light Rail Stations

33% Capacity Increase

5 Concurrent Segments

$20M Saved through Value Engineering


Modify platforms to accommodate three-car trains

Increasing capacity throughout the rail system



Project Management




Dallas Area Rapid Transit

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